Letter to Editor: Wilson Leong


The vacancy for Rock County Sheriff gives Rock County residents a chance to select a new person to represent our values and interests.

We need someone with experience working with diverse groups. We need a person who supports public safety and education at the decision-making level and makes difficult choices based on the needs of all people and taxpayer resources.

Gary Groelle is that person. He is a person of integrity, principle and dedication to his community.

Groelle has shown his public commitment through his 36 years of distinguished service with the Rock County Sheriff’s Department. He is involved with numerous community leadership positions, further examples of his dedication to serving the people of his hometown and county.

As a former school board commissioner for the Milton School District, I observed Gary’s leadership skills working with our district’s young people as an assistant high school boys’ basketball coach. His professionalism and demeanor served our students well as an excellent role model. I also had opportunities to speak with him on educational issues inter-related with the law.

In my experience working with Captain Groelle, I found him eager to hear my concerns and try to develop workable solutions. Gary’s willingness to serve his constituents has always been his hallmark.

Gary Groelle is the “most” qualified person to be our Sheriff, and will represent our county with the same dedication that he has established through his 36 year career with the Rock County Sheriff’s Department. Gary Groelle deserves your vote!

Wilson Y. Leong

Milton, Wisconsin


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