Letter to Editor: JODI TREPASSO

In all the years I have known Gary Groelle, I have only seen his unwavering commitment to his community and his job. He’s a man of honor and integrity. If you read The Gazette editorials as of late, they would have you believe Groelle is a mischief, someone who bucks the system, or has “little regard for rules.” It’s simply just not true.

It’s unfortunate the editorial board suggests such nonsense when, in reality, Groelle is extremely professional and has the utmost commitment to the law. That may be why some dislike him. He does not sit idly by and accept unethical behavior from anyone, even the current sheriff. He takes accountability for mistakes, learns from them and moves forward. No one is above the law and Groelle gets this. He doesn’t play politics.

Knowing him well, I can tell you that he has enormous support from Democrats, Republicans and independents. He sees past the nonsense and gets things done. The July 15 Gazette editorial states, “We don’t expect Groelle to drop out of the race, but the voters have received fair warning. They know what they’d be getting in Groelle.” Yes, we do! And we know we would be getting someone who doesn’t roll over and accept unethical behavior.

Hopefully, voters will take more time than the editorial board did to research the real facts about Groelle. I’m confident in the end most voters would agree Gary Groelle is who we need for the next Rock County sheriff.





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