Letter to Editor: Don Bornkamp


The Rock County Sheriff’s Office needs major changes in leadership and Gary Groelle is the leader who can do it.

For years, unethical behavior and poor judgement has run unleashed in the sheriff’s office and yet certain people in that “good old boys club” are never held accountable. It appears acceptable to bully officers and deputies into changing official police reports. Furthermore, it seems permissible to attempt to stop an official investigation if it fulfills a personal agenda. Extremely poor judgement also resulted in the death of a K9 officer. In addition, why are command staff who are off duty allowed to drive department vehicles to taverns, liquor stores, grocery stores, school board meetings, and personal events?

These are just a few of many instances of behavior that need to stop. It’s ironic that the same people who disagree and call for examples, are the same people who complain that you’re “drudging up the past” when examples are provided. I guess they really didn’t want examples after all. Well, if we don’t learn from those past examples, then we’re destined to repeat those same mistakes.

On August 14, I am voting for change at the Rock County Sheriff’s Office. That’s why I’m voting for Gary Groelle.

Don Bomkamp


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