Endorsements/What People are saying

American Federation of Federal, State, County and Municipal Employees, known as AFSCME. Rock County AFSCME members work at the Sheriff’s Office as support staff, as dispatchers at the 911 Communication Center, as well as hold positions in the Janesville Courthouse, Rock Haven Nursing Home, Public Works, Health Care Center, Economic Support, Job Center, and the Health Department. Additionally, AFSCME represents workers found in the Janesville Department of Public Works, the ranks of the Janesville School District instructional aides, custodians, maintenance and food workers, the Beloit City Hall, Beloit Public Library, Beloit Transit, Beloit Eclipse Center; and the Orfordville Parkview School District support staff.

Chief Tom Klubertanz of the Edgerton Police Department and Chief David Hooker of the Clinton Police Department, have also offered me their strong support.

Rock County Board members, Supervisor Brian Knudson from District 8 (Village of Orfordville, Townships of Avon, Spring Valley, Magnolia, and portions of Newark and Plymouth), Supervisor Danette Rynes from District 3 (City of Edgerton and portions of Fulton Township) and Supervisor Jeremey Zajac from District 5 (City of Milton) have publicly offered their support to my campaign.

Former Turtle Township Fire Chief Tim Huffman. Tim was the Fire Chief for over 30 years and is a great family and community man!

Madison radio host John “Sly” Sylvester

Retired Town of Beloit Police Chief Steven Kopp

Retired Beloit police Capt. Bill Tyler

Retired Rock County Sheriff’s Office sergeants Steve Selby and Brad Roehl

Retired Janesville deputy police chiefs Danny Davis and Jimmy Holford

Retired Janesville detective Mark Johnson

Retired Janesville police officers Rick Mussey and Scott Wasemiller

Brad Liggett and Steve and Paulette Christensen of Beloit

Dan Dodd of Janesville

Brian and Carol Watson of Milton

Shelly Crull-Hanke of Milton

Theresa and Bill Rusch of Milton

Milton Mayor Anissa Welch

Daryl Fox of Edgerton

Tom and Debra Imhoff and Jim and Jennifer Burns of Janesville

Jason Knott of Evansville

Evansville City Council member Jim Brooks

The Rev. James Ivy of Beloit

Beloit City Council member Beth Jacobson

Beloit School Board member David Wilson

Tim Gorsuch, retired director of California Alcohol Beverage Control, Sacramento

Sheriff Dennis Lemma, Seminole County, Fla

Police chiefs Jamie Hammond of Van Buren, Arkansas

David Wiseman of Landon, Kentucky

Tim Carmody of Council Bluffs, Iowa

Bruce Lawver of Canton, Ohio

Ken Koch of the University of Colorado in Boulder

Thomas Wells of Springdale, Ohio

Deputy Chief Andrew Olsen of Metro Transit police, Minneapolis-St. Paul

retired patrol Chief William Riley of Miami Beach, Florida

Cmdr. Janel Rogan of Hendersonville Police Department, Tennessee

Cmdr. Ray Triangle of Assumption Parish, Louisana

Cmdr. Chris Pascone of Monterey County Sheriff Department, California

Capt. Mike Snow, Germantown Police Department

Capt. Evelyn McLean of Georgetown, Texas, police

Capt. Jody Hayes of West Des Moines police, Iowa

Lt. Jeff Pappas of Knoxville police, Kentucky

Lt. Freddy Martinez of Lee County Sheriff Department, Alabama

Lt. Don Bomkamp, of Fitchburg police

Retired Lt. Patrick Boone of Texas College Police Academy, Texas

Michelle Milam, retired detective, Metropolitan Police Department, Washington, D.C.